Across The Continuum

Ep. 12 - Across The Continuum

April 23, 2021 The Movement Dr.
Across The Continuum
Ep. 12 - Across The Continuum
Show Notes

Drs. Joe and CJ guest appear on the Modern Pain Care Podcast with Dr. Mark Kargela to talk about the lack of intelligent exercise programming in the rehab and allied health world and what we are going to do to facilitate change. We discuss our new 12 week mentorship Across The Continuum that will be jam packed with educational information, live discussions and real time programming work to help send new stronger clinicians out into the clinical world!

Follow the link below and enter you name and email to receive information on the mentorship!
Across the Continuum

Dr. Mark Kargela is the CEO of Modern Pain Care, a company successfully shifting the direction of clinical care in the rehab world for the better. You can subscribe to his groundbreaking material in all of the following locations:
Instagram: @modernpaincare and/or @mkargeladpt
Facebook: Modern Pain Care
Youtube: The Complete Clinician
Twitter: @modernpaincare


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